[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]' Ain't Easy (stonefacedangel) wrote,
[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]' Ain't Easy

Every day is an uphill battle anymore...

So my dad threw away my entire supply of Testosterone + syringes. What the fuck was he thinking, you may ask... well apparently because he saw the sharps container in a paper bag inside the plastic bag, he assumed it was garbage. There were like 2 months worth of doses left in there, not to mention for the first time in three years, I'm a week behind on my shots. Well fuck me in the eye with a penis and call me Willy. I guess it was kind of a good thing though, because it caused me to HAVE to call the doctor's office and reschedule my missed apointment. Turns out her next available opening was April 3, 2005. Think it might be time to find a new doc?

Otherwise, work is proving to be a challenge as usual. I just gained one really strong employee, but it looks like I may have to let go of two others. Carol is out on vacation until next Monday. Mr. Paulsen is in town making everyone's lives miserable. What's new.

Dustin and I are doing really well. We finally broke the communication barier, and while he still doesn't understand a lot of what makes me tick, we are at least being open and talking about things now. That boy can still frustrate me though!

Um. I guess there's not much really NEW... kind of a funny story how I lost one of my wheel covers on the Sonata when I took a freeway on-ramp a little fast and the rear passenger side hub cap flew off. I didn't really feel like going back to pick it up, so I just took them all off to match. My car looks pretty fucking ghetto right now, but I could always put the dealer's plasic hubs back on. Even funnier is that the wheel cover was gone the next day when I went back... I think the person entering the freeway behind me stopped to pick it up, because they kept following me and flashing their headlights at me (it was after dark). Oh well... it was worth a laugh at the time.

Oh, and I did some research on Monster.com and found out that for my city, I make 9k less a year than the average for the position I hold at the hotel. Always reassuring. That, and I'm having space issues here at my dad's. Take my dad throwing my shit away for one... that, and I can't seem to keep any left-overs in the fridge because someone always eats them. I think its time for a safe, and a mini-fridge. Heyyyy... maybe Paulsen will let me move into the hotel and consider the $9,000 I'm not making a year 'rent'. Haha... haha... ha.....heh. RIGHT.
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