[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]' Ain't Easy (stonefacedangel) wrote,
[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]' Ain't Easy

Ebay, baby

Check out my shit for sale

Spring cleaning, time to sort down the items in the closet and make a buck or two in the process. Lots of men's dress wear for big and small guys, as well as neck ties, pearl snap shirts, and other fun items.

// End shameless self promotion
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nothing you have will fit my honey, other than ties, and he isn't really a tie person cause we dont really ever go anywhere that he needs a tie, however, you do have a good taste in them. ;) and you should keep some, you never know what naughty little things you could use them for, and with whom. haha >:) :D

HAHA--> "L@@K".