[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]' Ain't Easy (stonefacedangel) wrote,
[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]' Ain't Easy

Many looming decisions to make...

It looks like Scott may be able to transfer to AK in the next couple of weeks to a month or so. Mentally, I am so ready to hand my notice to Carol on a silver fucking platter. I could pack my shit and hop the next U-Haul tomorrow. On the other hand, I have some big financial commitments I have to figure out- such as my car, the insurance on my car which would be impractical to be paying if I'm not even driving it... how I could sell it when I owe more than its worth, etc. etc. I certainly don't plan on taking it to AK with me. Doctors and prescriptions... then there is the tactfulness of quiting my job- I have 140 vacation hours I don't really want to throw down the tube. Then there is securing a new job. ETC, etc. Its all very scary and exciting at the same time. I think about all that I would be leaving behind... my family, and friends. But honestly, having the shot at a new start and unfamiliar surroundings is much more appealing to me right now. I'm a bit apprehensive about tying myself so closely to my brother, but I'm confident things will work out.

Its a lot to ponder, but right now I want to just enjoy the rest of my day... have a nice evening, and have lots of fun down at Links and Alliances tomorrow.

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